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Rental Owner Portal Instructions

The Most Important Report!

The Rental owner statement report shows a summary of ‘money in, money out’ by way of asset (current and fixed), income, expense, liability and equity transactions for a period of time, by rental owner.  Read this article to get a handle on your investment!

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Security Deposit Law for Indiana

The following is a quick reference to laws for security deposits in Indiana.

Indianapolis- Marion County Landlord Registration Process

Marion County Indiana landlords must participate in a registration of their homes with the City of Indianapolis. The purpose of this post is to walk the investor landlord through the process and make it as simple and painless for you as possible. 

Indianapolis Landlord Registration Renewals

If you have previously registered your Indianapolis-Marion County property you will receive an email from the city.  It will advise you of the need to renew your Indianapolis landlord registration.  The system has been updated to allow an owner to add a local based property manager and an agent for service of process.

When A Tenant Breaks Their Lease

What happens when a tenant breaks their lease?

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