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With a large inventory of homes, and access to many others, WILMOTH can help qualified investors and homebuyers find the right solution to their needs. Investors supplement their portfolios with property opportunities found at WILMOTH. Homebuyers will find the perfect home in our inventory for sale.



With a large inventory of homes, and access to many others, WILMOTH can help qualified investors create or supplement their portfolios with property opportunities. Additionally, our mission is to provide investors with information to sort out the properties that offer the best fit for their portfolios.

Investors turn to us because of our experience in the investment community working with purchases and then finding tenants in our Property Management division. Investors trust WILMOTH to provide all the tools necessary for truthfully and accurately providing them representation that creates excellent buying opportunities.

Many residential real estate investors check with us first to review possible property purchases and discuss the prospects for leasing the acquisition while maintaining expenses. Our investing strategies and management solutions allow our clients to improve their return on investment (ROI). This improvement can be measured by actual dollars and time saved.

Our investing clients are a cross-section of the population. Clients include:

  • Full-time residential investors with large portfolios.
  • Professionals-such as doctors, lawyers, and executives-who desire diversification to their overall investments but do not have the time or knowledge to actively manage a real estate investment.
  • Relocated homeowners who have chosen to retain their home and make it an income producing property.
  • Residential investors just getting started or owning a few units who desire the opportunity to find great values.

No matter what your needs, when you ask WILMOTH to assist you through the maze of purchasing a property, you will get integrity and honesty.  We are not going to tell you what we think you want to hear.  We are going to provide facts, information and guidance.



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Suggested Mortgage Lender-Indiana


Michael Kerkhof
Senior Loan Officer
NMLS # 247367

8465 Keystone Crossing, Suite 204
Indianapolis, In 46240

D: (317) 757-3830 ext 21306 | C: (317) 371-5079
F: (317) 757-3831 |

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Suggested Mortgage Lender-Florida


1421 PINE RIDGE RD #220 | NAPLES, FL 34109
O: (239) 206-8280 | M: (239) 298-9489 F: (844) 574-3342


Why A Homeowners Association May Stop Your Rental

One of the most powerful entities in the successful negotiation of any residential real estate transaction is the Homeowners Association (HOA). HOA’s have risen in prominence out of necessity.

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Rental Home Pools- Three Crucial Considerations

If you are considering a potential rental property with a pool there are several important considerations. Rental home pools have a host of additional liability and maintenance issues. In some areas, a pool might increase the desirability of your rental. In some places they add no value and may actually make it harder to rent the home. Location and neighborhood characteristics often dictate the overall desirability of rental home pools. In your assessment of the property consider all the additional management challenges the home will offer.

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Successfully Buying Foreclosures By Avoiding These Myths and Mistakes

When looking for new investment opportunities, buying foreclosures are an intriguing option. For certain owner-occupant buyers a foreclosure may offer the perfect mix of value and attractive financing. Foreclosures offer several advantages to other types of property purchases. There also are myths and mistakes to avoid to succeed buying foreclosures. Understanding the process better will allow buyers to comfortably assess this alternative.

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6 Questions That Have No Answer

When WILMOTH Group lists a home for sale, the owner of that home is our client. We want to help in any way we can to encourage offers for our listings. Unfortunately, questions are frequently asked that do not have an answer. Not because we do not know the answer- but because we fail our representation of the seller if we provide the answer.

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Six Keys To Successfully Buying A Bank-Owned Foreclosure

Buying a bank-owned foreclosure is different.  Not hard..different.  There is a high level of interest by future homeowners to acquire a "deal-home."  Also, many professional investors still  are very active in this sector.  For some homes the competition is fierce,...
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7 Seller Fixes To Expect When Purchasing A Foreclosure

Many bank and corporate owners do not perform repairs to a foreclosed property.  There are many reasons this decision is made.  The result is that these homes are marketed "sold as-is" with no seller fixes.  In these cases, it is up to the buyer to assess what will...
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4 Buyer Benefits In a Lease-Option Transaction

Lease-option transactions provide a beneficial method of creating a path to a sale of a property for an interested purchaser-your tenant! While we previously reviewed the many benefits to a seller in entering one of these sale transactions, there are also at least four reasons a buyer should consider requesting a lease-option for a home they love.

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3 Reasons To Consider Crowdfunding for Your Next Real Estate Investment

A new financing option has appeared rooted in technology and traditional networking concepts. The option is called “crowdfunding” and you really should consider trying a platform for your next project.

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