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Four Things To Know About Fair Housing And Tenant Selection

April is Fair Housing month.  This is a great time to review various issues involving Fair Housing and tenant selection.  The Federal and State Fair Housing laws are far-reaching and it is a wise landlord who is familiar with its provisions.   There are many aspects to these significant laws that a landlord needs to know.  

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Who Is This Applicant?

Identify theft.  There are new stories every day that tell of it occurring.  It has the potential to be a huge problem for landlords and managers.  The question we all need to ask is "who is this applicant" when renting a property. What Can Go Wrong When Identity Is...

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How To Keep Your Good Tenants

As a rental owner, what is better than good tenants that have no complaints and the rent is paid on time every month?  How great is it when the inspections show a normal home and tenants, living their lives as if they are the owner?  It is a fact.  Keeping good tenants for a long term creates dependable income and less stress.

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The Home Business In Your Rental

If a tenant wishes to work from home that may or may not come to the landlords attention.  What if working from home means selling used auto parts that are inventoried in the garage?  A home business operating from your rental should get your attention.  Here are some of the reasons why.

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Security Is In The Right Deposit

It is a crucial business practice for a landlord to collect a security deposit initially from any renter.  The deposit is there to provide funds for default on the lease or damages to the rental.  How the funds may be used is wide-ranging.

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HUD May Agree To Pay These Closing Costs

When preparing line 5 of the HUD Sales Contract, you will be able to request up to 3% of the bid amount for closing costs over and above those to be paid by HUD.  These closing costs can include most costs associated with a buyer obtaining financing or closing the transaction. 

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Leasing Agents Hear Some Amazing Things

Every now and then something happens where a leasing agent is perplexed with the amount of information some potential tenants are willing to share.  As these questions and statements occur, we update this post to share with anyone who wants to be amazed, and confused.

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What If You Suspect Your Rental Is Abandoned?

A tricky issue in property management is how to determine a property is abandoned?   Unfortunately, abandonment is usually not so simple as a home left broom-clean with keys sitting on the counter.  Abandoned properties usually look like a home that you could come home to..with evidence that nobody is coming.

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Landlord Resolutions for the New Year

As a rental property owner you face many unique issues and challenges.  We have seen owners make decisions that end up costing them extra time and money.  These decisions then negatively impact the real return on their investments.

These experiences make for a great list of  New Years landlord resolutions.

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