Information for Non-Occupant Residential Owners

Do You Accept Pets?

The most common question asked by potential applicants is whether we accept pets.  When you are renting a home, it is important to have a plan for how you will respond to this question.  How you respond usually determines if the prospect has any further interest....

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How To Find Committed Rental Applicants

One of the most difficult parts of being a landlord is finding qualified, committed rental applicants and converting them to tenants.   Significant time is spent to determine if an application can be approved, and then actually getting a lease signed.  The really...

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What to Expect In An Eviction

When the lease was signed, these new tenants seemed the least likely to be involved in an eviction.  Yet, on that crisp Monday morning, it was time to enforce a Judge's order returning possession to the owner.  With a Sheriff issuing the orders, the family was ordered...

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Pre-Qualify Applicants With 12 Simple Questions

One of the biggest time wasters for property owners is trying to lease their properties.  It should not be that way.   The reason the process is so painful is that we are naturally predisposed to not play detective.  To stop the time suck though we need to play...

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What Is Your Rental’s Occupancy Limit?

Your rental’s occupancy limit must be the set based on a review of factors that consider physical aspects of the property while not violating any Fair Housing issues and local ordinances. One thing is clear when it comes to determining occupancy limits. Your rental’s occupancy limit is much more complex than a simple two person per bedroom guideline.

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