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You own a home but do not live in it. You are the non-occupant owner.  An investor. WILMOTH Group has been serving investors since 1994.

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Investors need opportunities. Finding your next investment requires specialized knowledge and connections.


WILMOTH has been known for over 20 years as the best choice for local, ethical, and transparent services.


Since 1996 WILMOTH has been utilizing unique, creative, ways to sell residential investment property.


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" I have to say WILMOTH Group is truly a 5-star operation. They are so much incredibly better than the first company I worked with for property management. They have clear, timely communication. They are prompt and professional. And most importantly, they are honest and highly ethical."

 Brian Freeman

WILMOTH Group has been a true asset to work with. My first 2 properties I chose a different Property Manager which was a huge mistake. I let WILMOTH Group handle my third and what a difference. I am in the process of moving my other properties to WILMOTH Group and hopefully get them on track. I highly recommend using WILMOTH Group."

Alex Corral

"WILMOTH has been an excellent Property Manager that I would highly recommend working with. Since the beginning, they have been professional, courteous and helpful."

Craig Huljak

"WILMOTH Group are true pros. I like these guys because from the start they have been realistic and professional. I was moving a property to WILMOTH due to poor management from my previous PM. They were quick and responsive to get everything moved over and to make things right. I'm happy I found them, and wish I had started out with Wilmoth."

Jason Chisler

"Great PM company. They go the extra mile to get the job done right."

Brian Mueller

"Wilmoth has helped getting our properties under control after having a terrible experience with another property management company. Very responsive and helpful. Thank you guys!"

Chris Shaw

Pets In Rentals

First..full disclosure. Yes..I own pets and have all my life.  So anything stated in this post is not because the writer does not appreciate all the benefits of pet ownership.  This is a simple attempt to discuss the issue of pets in rentals from both a pet owner to a...

Why The Cash on Cash Return Is King

In a previous post we discussed capitalization rates and why they were interesting but not the best measure for the residential investor.  An alternative financial property valuation formula commonly used in real estate investing is the return on cash invested. ...

Three Ways To Give A Notice and Why You Only Really Need One

When a tenant needs to be given notice (late payments, evictions, change of manager) there are three different ways to formally provide this notice. While there are arguments for each, when it really gets down to effectiveness there is really one best process.  The...

Cap Rates In Residential Investing

A regular question asked by investors regarding a property is "what about the cap rate?"  Capitalization (cap) rates are an interesting financial measurement that provide a measure of return for a property and its valuation. While some residential investors spend time...

Landlords Duty To Provide Safe Premises

Tenants have every reason to place their safety high on the list of things important to them when looking for a new home. There are location factors a landlord can't control but that does not limit their responsibility to their tenants. A landlord has a duty to...

The Rental Owner’s Duty To Avoid Foreclosure

About ten years ago we frequently learned one of our owners was in default. The owner was collecting the rent proceeds and not paying their mortgage payment. Fortunately, this issue is not as common today.  Occasionally it does still occur and the problems created...

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