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HUD Buyer Select Closing Program

Developing news on this change in the selling process for HUD homes!

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Why You Should Be Looking At HUD Homes!

Four reasons why buying a HUD home is right decision for many home buyers.

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HUD Questions?

Review our HUD Frequently Asked Questions Page. We might just have what you are looking for.

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HUD Selling Agent Training

Things have changed and if you want to sell HUD homes you need to be up to date. Invest in yourself with one of our FREE HUD training sessions.

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Realtor Bank Owned FAQ

Realtors-we want you to sell our listings! Bank owned properties are a different type of sale and you have questions! Check our FAQ list to see if we might have your answer.

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Fair Housing And The Rental Owner-Service Animals

April is an important month for individuals in the real estate industry.  It is a time where we are reminded of our responsibilities under the Fair Housing Laws of this country.  If you wish to rev...

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Indiana Tax Day!

Tomorrow, May 10, is one of two celebrated dates by all Indiana property owners.  Your six month property tax bill is due. In Indiana, there are two property tax days.  May 10 and November 10.  See...

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Do You Accept Pets?

The most common question asked by potential applicants is whether we accept pets.  If you are renting a home, have a plan for how you will respond. First..there are many types of non-person pets so...

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Caution Needed!

OK, people…please, please, please.  When looking for a home to buy or rent, use some caution.  Particularly if you are considering buying a home on a land contract or a rent to own program.  ...

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Something Important Is Coming In Your Mail

Every year, right around the end of January the calls start to come.  Some callers are curious, others are angry.  Very few say thank you. The reason is they have just opened their IRS Form 1099 th...

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Proof of Funds

Have you ever wanted to make an offer on a home and have the seller or their agent tell you that they need a “proof of funds”?  Probably…and when that happened did you question wh...

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