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HUD Buyer Select Closing Program

Developing news on this change in the selling process for HUD homes!

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Why You Should Be Looking At HUD Homes!

Four reasons why buying a HUD home is right decision for many home buyers.

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HUD Questions?

Review our HUD Frequently Asked Questions Page. We might just have what you are looking for.

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HUD Selling Agent Training

Things have changed and if you want to sell HUD homes you need to be up to date. Invest in yourself with one of our FREE HUD training sessions.

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Realtor Bank Owned FAQ

Realtors-we want you to sell our listings! Bank owned properties are a different type of sale and you have questions! Check our FAQ list to see if we might have your answer.

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Security Deposit Applied To Rent

Can this be done?  Is it legal?  Maybe.  Maybe not. Security deposits should be governed by the terms of a lease.  if not there are some protections based on who is holding the funds. A real estate...

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Indiana Tax Day!

Tomorrow, May 10, is one of two celebrated dates by all Indiana property owners.  Your six month property tax bill is due. In Indiana, there are two property tax days.  May 10 and November 10.  See...

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Marion County Indiana Approves New Landlord Registration Law

If you own a home for rent in Marion County (Indianapolis) Indiana, beginning January 1, 2015 you will have to be registered with the City of Indianapolis.  In order to rent property, landlords mus...

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Caution Needed!

OK, people…please, please, please.  When looking for a home to buy or rent, use some caution.  Particularly if you are considering buying a home on a land contract or a rent to own program.  ...

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Three Reasons That Now Is The Time To Rent Your Home

Housing moves through economic cycles and often it is confusing to know who to believe.  If you have been trying to sell your home, and are not finding buyers, it may not be the home but the market...

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Proof of Funds

Have you ever wanted to make an offer on a home and have the seller or their agent tell you that they need a “proof of funds”?  Probably…and when that happened did you question wh...

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