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You own a home but do not live in it. You are the non-occupant owner.  An investor. WILMOTH Group has been serving investors since 1994.

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Smart investors realize that the time, cost and energy of managing their properties is not profitable.  WILMOTH solves this problem for our clients.  Our clients then focus on more ways to grow their wealth.

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Grow Your Returns With WILMOTH

For over 25 years WILMOTH has found solutions for owners needing to sell.  Creative solutions.  Sure, we offer the basics…while crafting a solution to match your unique circumstances.


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Buying a home for investment or to call home can be a complicated process. We are the local leader in working with corporate and investor sellers.  WILMOTH is positioned to help buyers locate opportunity and navigate the process . 



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avoid bad tenants

How To Avoid Bad Tenants

If there is one thing that a rental owner wants to avoid it is bad tenants. Leaking toilets? Broken furnace? These are easy to fix compared to the pain a bad tenant can cause.

As a manager and owner, avoiding bad tenants means never letting them move into my property. There is another side of this issue though and it involves the tenant who becomes a bad tenant. Those situations are the ones that are more challenging. Creating structure so a tenant does not become a bad tenant is crucial.

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pet application and approval

Pet Application and Approval Process For Rental Owners

As an owner of a residential rental you are eliminating a large percentage of applicants by not permitting dogs or cats. To accept these applicants you need a process for tenants to make a pet application and approval.

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Move-out inspection

How To Avoid These Mistakes In a Move-Out Inspection

Many owners, and tenants, have the idea that a move-out inspection with the departing tenant is a good idea. In reality, it may benefit the tenant..but only if the owner or their representative makes some mistakes that later can be used against the owner. Invest a few minutes to learn how to avoid these mistakes, and the ensuing battle over a security deposit.

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Dogs In Rentals Create Unique Liability Issues

Every week we address applications where the potential tenants own a dog. Certain breeds of dogs are considered aggressive which complicates the issue of dogs in rentals. I know many people own dog breeds with this “aggressive” label. They are insulted when told that the owner of the rental can’t rent to them because their insurance will not cover the liability.

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marketing for renters

Why Marketing For Renters While Occupied Is A Huge Mistake

From the time existing tenants provide notice of vacating at the end of their lease, to the moment a new lease is signed, can be a stressful period for any rental owner. The temptation is to do shorten this stressful period of worry by immediately finding a new tenant. The owner who insists on marketing for renters while their unit is still occupied is likely adding to their stress over a much longer period. Allowing prospective tenants to see the home prior to the existing tenant completing moving out is almost always a big mistake.

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How To Respond To A Subleasing Request

Subleasing requests are addressed in most leases. Here is an example from the WILMOTH lease.

ASSIGNMENT AND SUBLEASE: Tenant shall not assign or sublease any interest in this lease without prior written consent of the Landlord, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld. Any assignment or sublease without Landlord’s written prior consent shall, at Landlord’s option, terminate this Lease.

So, approval for subleasing won’t unreasonably be withheld.

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